Tourist Attractions in Kampong Chhnang

Pay a visit to Kampong Chhnang which is the capital of Kampong Chhnang Province. Kampong Chhnang is well-known for its breath-taking landscapes and other tourist attractions. The Tourist Attractions in Kampong Chhnang have attracted leisure travelers to spend their dream vacation in this port town. A visit to the Tourist Attractions in Kampong Chhnang will be a great experience for you.

One of the popular Tourist Attractions in Kampong Chhnang is Phnom Ta Reach. This venue is the popular historical sites of Kampong Chhnang. You can find the Phnom Ta Reach in the Phnom Touch village. Phnom Ta Reach is the venue where Pol Pot compelled the captives to carve the mountain rocks. You can also find many concrete apartments in this venue.

You can also visit the Phnom Krang Romeas is also considered as an important Tourist Attraction in Kampong Chhnang. Phnom Krang Romeas is a beautiful resort where you can pass some time under the shady branches of the tress. Phnom Krang Romeas is located at a distance of about 2 kilometers drive from Kampong Chhnang. Phnom Penh is about 13 kilometers from Phnom Krang Romeas.

While you are on your tour to Kampong Chhnang you can also visit the Wat Sahn-dtoot. Wat Sahn-dtoot is the temple which is toured by the devotees and by the tourists from various parts of the world. The temple is wonderfully settled in the area which boasts of wonderful rock formations. As the temple is sited on the top of a hill so you can have wonderful views of the surrounding areas from this venue. The Wat Sahn-dtoot is positioned close to Shell gas station.

Another celebrated Tourist Attractions in Kampong Chhnang is the Phnom Roap Bat. This sightseeing attraction is located at a distance of about 12-Kilometers form the provincial town. A visit to this venue will enable you to know about village life of Cambodia. There is also a pagoda in this place.

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Tourist Attractions in Kampong Chhnang
Phnom Da
Wat Sahn-dtoot
Wat Phnom Robath
Phnom Krang Romeas
Phnom Neang Kang Rey
Phnom Roap Bat
Phnom San Touch
Phnom Ta Ind
Phnom Ta Pi
Phnom Ta Reach
Prasat Kampong Preach
Prasat Ponarey
Prasat Pros Or Saklor
Prasat Slut Tey
Prasat Srey
Prasat Thmar Pdey Or Slotey
View of Tonle Sap Lake, Kampong Chhnang


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